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IMMI Expo 2021 is expected that over 300 practitioners, professionals, and over 25000 public audiences will attend this event. It is designated to provide a one-stop solution platform for immigration and oversea property affairs.

Brand building – Promoting your company over 20+ media, website & printed adv. to maximize your exposure

In the light of the revolutionary one-stop consultation platform at IMMI Expo and the social environment of Hong Kong, this Expo would attract sweeping organic media coverage, alongside the strategic PR and marketing campaigns. This event also takes place at prestigious conventional venue, participating in this Expo would grant thorough confidence for your potential customers.

Precise Targeting – Projected over 20,000+ visitors in the EXPO who have immigration needs

With regards to the statistics from the Census and Statistics Department of Hong Kong, over 29,000 individuals emigrated during the year of 2019, which is the double of 2018. In light of the social unrest during late 2019, the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies conducted a local survey on the intention of migration. Results show that over 40% respondents planned to emigrate, while 20% of them are actively preparing for the matter.
With the optimized framework in this Expo, potential clients that are amounted to over 1 million local High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), could efficiently explore the feasibility of various immigration plans and shorten the preparation time frame.

Cost Effective – Maximizing the return of investment in marketing & operation when comparing with holding a traditional in-house seminar 


In general, immigration and property agencies launch marketing campaigns through media platforms, telemarketing and seminars. Given the presently keen competition, extensive resources would be required to deploy in order to secure the SEO leadership.
Alternatively, with the emergence of the Expo, exhibitors are enabled to optimize their marketing costs with concentrated marketing campaigns, while connecting with a broader base of potential customers. On-site Seminars would allow greater exposure to the public, resulting in successful brand building per mentioned.

Professional Networking – with strategic partners in the industry to further improve your competitiveness

This Expo also aims to provide a platform to allow strategic networking between exhibitors. Collaborations allying different sectors are extremely encouraged so as to provide comprehensive services to clients. With the two-days event, it would be allowing rooms for exhibitors to connect and leave contact with their potential industry partners which would certainly enhance their competitiveness.


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